Power Service Kft., Hungary's largest manufacturer-independent small gas engine power plant servicing company, has been operating in the market for more than 15 years.
We have the most extensive servicing experience with the models of the following gas engine manufacturers:
Jenbacher, Guascor/Siemens, Caterpillar, MWM/Deutz, Liebherr, R-Schmitt, MAN, Perkins, Waukesha

Our workshop colleagues regularly participate in overseas engine manufacturer training and further training courses, and our internal Power Academy™ training system keeps their knowledge up to date.
We work with everything related to small gas engine power plants, nothing else.


We are well aware of the importance of the reliable availability of small power plants. Whatever the configuration of the gas engine, the loss of uptime due to unexpected breakdowns entails a serious financial cost/loss of profit for our customers.

As part of our operating service, we commit to providing 24/7 online Power Diagnostics™ immediately starting repairs in case of a fault and keeping our customers updated on the expected repair time so they can plan ahead.

With our operating service, we aim to focus even more on the mutual interests of the gas engine owner and the maintainer. In this arrangement, the customer pays for the service based on availability, meaning that when the gas engine is not performing, there is no service cost. Depending on the service package, our fees cover all costs for the entire life cycle of the gas engine.

With our operating service, our aim is to ensure that the small power plant is fully available during unscheduled maintenance periods. You can also “Rely on our Energy” in recommending and implementing any technical improvements deemed necessary based on operational experience.


Using our proprietary Power Diagnostics™ software, we record up to 200 data per second in real time on the operation of your small power plant. The software was developed by our workshop colleagues with the intention to be able to arrive on site prepared and already have comprehensive information on the possible causes of the malfunction. Power Diagnostics enables the remote parameterisation, testing and fault elimination of gas engines in real time, provided that we are satisfied that the cause of the fault has been corrected. Power Diagnostics™ analyses data using artificial intelligence to transform malfunctions into future scheduled maintenance.

Engine controller

The standardisation of Europe's electricity system will pose new technical challenges for gas engines and their owners, as the previous power-based availability will be considerably reduced in the future. The reason for this is increased flexibility in the regulatory market, to optimise the use of balancing energy. The load time for gas engines needs to be reduced from 15 minutes to 5 minutes to allow their full capacity to be utilised in the future on the regulatory market. Our proprietary PowerStart™ gas engine control system was developed to enable gas engines to comply with this time limit with a minimum increase in gas engine maintenance requirements well within the technical capabilities Our engine controllers can be installed on any engine type: Jenbacher, Guascor/Siemens, Caterpillar, MWM/Deutz, Liebherr, R-Schmitt, MAN, Waukesha, and we also automatically provide Power Diagnostics™.


In addition to the manufacturer's training related to the gas engine, no specific technical courses are available for gas engine mechanics which would comprehensively cover electrical and mechanical auxiliary operation. Our experience shows that the downtime of gas engines is caused by a higher proportion of auxiliary equipment failures than gas engine failures. We therefore make selected modules of our internal training system, the Power Academy™, available to our customers. It is recommended for those who want to train their colleagues to operate their own gas engine. We offer general training or, following an on-site evaluation, we combine theory with site-specific elements to provide the necessary knowledge for effective operation.


As part of our servicing activity, we perform the mandatory maintenance required by the gas engine manufacturer per hour of operation, and regular maintenance of all mechanical and electrical auxiliary equipment related to the small power plant. In addition, we perform ad-hoc orders and ad-hoc repairs according to the needs of the customer.


All major wearing parts of gas engines can be replaced and restored. Our restoration service includes the replacement of cylinder heads, pistons, cylinder bushings, bearings, seals, camshafts, short-block or long-block, depending on the engine type, in accordance with the gas engine specifications of the manufacturer, with warranty. Simultaneously with the restoration of the gas engine, the replacement/restoration of the mechanical and electrical auxiliary equipment is recommended so as to minimise the future downtime of the small power plant.


The simplest part of the installation of a small power plant is the gas engine, its complexity is in the integration of systems (emergency chillers, heat exchangers, flue gas recovery, etc.) With our extensive, trusted and long-term partner network, we provide complete gas engine power plant construction with turn-key delivery and warranty. If the customer prefers to install a second-hand gas engine, we can assist with the process using our contacts in the foreign second-hand market. We give our customers the option to purchase a restored engine, even with warranty.

In accordance with the customer’s requirements, we provide the installation of small gas engine power plants, including the complete licensing process:

  • outdoor container design
  • indoor noise damped design
  • constructed engine room installation
Gas engines can vary in their propellants, which require different skills (especially in terms of gas preparation) and maintenance. Based on propellants, we undertake the implementation of the following gas types, with complete technology design:

  • piped natural gas
  • compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • biogas (agricultural or sewerage)
  • hydrogen
  • landfill gas (biogas produced in landfills)
  • wood gas
  • thermal gas (associated gas from thermal wells)
  • pyrogas (synthetic gases from the breakdown of hydrocarbons)
  • associated gas from oil wells

About us


If you have technical skills and have always enjoyed anything with moving parts and noise, then this is the place for you. After learning the basics, you have a choice of either a mechanical or electrical career path.
Technical qualifications and experience are an advantage, but not a prerequisite. With Power Power Academy™ and our mentoring system, you can become a qualified colleague with your own service vehicle after just 2 years of training. We will do our utmost to make it happen, the rest is up to you.
For us, every colleague is also a member of the family. If you would like to join us, please contact us: